Get ready: How not to keep your job 101 - vol.1

Before you start reading this article, there is one important thing to mention. The renderings published below aren’t in any way connected to the stories. They are simply examples of really good works, their sole purpose here is to make the post more appealing and good-looking. Just like that. The article itself is supposed to be ‘for fun’, at least I hope so 🙂

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Hi, my name is Janusz! On a daily basis I work as a 3D graphic designer. Using few words I can describe myself in this manner: I like drawing, one of my dreams is to play the fiddle and every day is another day that I dream I could go back to the weight from 10 years ago. That’s enough for a start. I can assure you I will add some more details about me later, in-between the articles. Stay on to see my brave attempts at being funny.


If you have any questions, don't hestitate and contact me via e-mail:

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